• Ideal science platform
  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Assembles in 30 minutes
  • Parts pre-cut and drilled
  • Includes experiment guide
  • Locally manufactured
  • Lead-free
  • Suggested Price: $39.95


    Science has never been so fun! The science project catapult kit allows you to tinker with the design of a medieval siege weapon, and provides you with the information needed to analyse your results.

    "Which design is the ultimate?"

    The kit can be used for experiments ranging from grade school physics to college level courses. The catapult can be changed from a wheeled, sling type trebuchet, to a bucking spoon-arm onager in minutes. Power the siege engine with a free-swinging counterweight or fixed rubber bands. Vary the counterweight mass, projectile mass, or sling length. Install the optional crash bar or let the arm swing free. Compare the results of all the different configurations, and draw your own conclusions about which design is the ultimate medieval artillery weapon.

    "An ideal science platform"

    The science project catapult kit has been designed with the student in mind. It is an ideal platform for the Science Olympiad, Six Sigma, Design of Experiment (DOE) and other statistical methods courses. Everything you need is included, and all parts are precisely cut, drilled, and sanded. Assembly requires nothing more than thirty minutes with a phillips screwdriver and a pair of scissors. Once assembled, it can be reconfigured in minutes without tools.

    "Includes an experimentation guide"

    In addition to the carefully engineered model, the science project catapult kit includes a professionally written 23 page experimentation guide. The guide includes prepared experiments, background theory of projectile motion, tips for presenting your results, and log sheets for recording results. Each of the experiments has been meticulously researched and thoroughly tested. The method for each project is clearly laid out in a series of illustrated, easy-to-follow steps. Optional procedures and different approaches to analysing the data are suggested to increase the level of challenge for more advanced students.

    "Manufactured on-site, no lead..."

    All of our products are manufactured on-site at our facility using quality Canadian lumber and locally sourced hardware. There is no lead in any of our products.