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magnetic cannon

Magnetic Cannon

The magnetic cannon is our simplest kit. It ships fully assembled, all you need to do is take it out of the box, load it up, aim and fire!

laser cut ballista

Laser Cut Ballista Kit

The ballista is easy to assemble, and finished kit works just like the real thing. Build it today, wreak havoc tomorrow!

laser cut catapult

Laser Cut Catapult Kit

The classic chucker! Powered by a rope skein just like the original, this kit is a straightforward build using interlocking laser cut parts and glue.

laser cut trebuchet

Laser Cut Trebuchet Kit

The trebuchet was the heavy artillery of the middle ages. Interlocking laser cut parts glue together in no time, while precision knot tying adds to the challenge.

mechanical clock kit

Mechanical Wooden Clock Kit

There’s nothing more soothing than the rhythmic sound of a mechanical wooden clock. Looking for a challenge? This is the kit for you!

The importance of local

Why Building Local is Important

At ABONG, we are fiercely proud that our product is manufactured locally and competes with offshore goods in the global market.

We have teamed up with domestic vendors to maintain excellent quality and quick turn-around times. Whether it is hardwood from South Carolina, aluminum stampings made in Detroit, wood turnings from Maine, or printed material from Toronto, our North American network has made all the difference.

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